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Josymara & Marcelo

Atlanta, Ga

"Josy is an amazing professional. I could see her care, consideration, and the love in everything she did. All her effort put into every single detail was priceless. I highly recommend her services, because you're putting your dream day in good hands. Hands that you can trust from the beginning until the end. I enjoyed, and I had fun working with Josy and her team.
My wedding day came up as perfect as it could ever be, even though when something that I wasn't expecting happened, I fainted during the ceremony and Josy was right there taking care of me, helping me through it all. Thank you Josy once again for everything!!"

cristal & andy.webp
ristal & Andy

Terranea Resort

Rancho Palos Verde, CA

"Josy's Events (Josy Johnson) is definitely as good as it gets! I would give 10 starts if it is available...I met Josy back in September when I decided that I would not be able to coordinate a decent wedding on my own, hahaha. I have spoken with 7 event coordinators in southern California before I met her and thank goodness the heaven have allowed her to fall in my arms. She has a great personality, have so many great ideas of her own but respectfully takes to heart what the client wants and is so ready to make an event the way the clients envision the event. She and her team which includes Mr. Tom are spectacular!!! They love what they do, love their work and gives more than 100% of their time and effort to enable a very successful event. In conclusion, we had a marvelous wedding one that was just once in my dream but now became a reality that can be seen through our wonderful wedding pictures. So when it comes to event planning, if you don't hire her, then you will be missing out!"

Greenfolia & Mountain Coffee

Newport Beach, Ca

Josy's coordinated out first ever annual corporate event. Being a small business she really took us to the next level. She played a key role and was pretty much like a member of our company. She even came to the event professionally dressed to match our company colors .It really made our company image attractive and professional. All our guests were so impressed they called it the event of the year and we are talking some high profile CEO's and Executives of large companies.  Her husband Tom also assisted and is such a pleasure to work with. With such success I hired her personally for my wedding this year and again has thus far exceeded my expectations. not very often do you find someone who is really genuine and cares about service and us as people. We shopped out about 6 other event coordinators who were recommended by friends and I must say I'm so glad we found Josy

marcia and frank.webp
Marcia & Frank

Portofino Hotel & Resort
Redondo Beach, California

"It couldn’t be a better decision than having Josy planning our wedding day!

With the combination of experience and a great taste, she was able to fulfill all our expectations!  She covered every single detail from the Ceremony to the Reception, making everything so beautiful, so smooth and so perfect that I can’t stop receiving compliments from all friends that attended our wedding.

Once again, Thank You So Much Josy, for preparing us such a beautiful day!

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