That Special Touch

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable and the most beautiful moment in their life. But sometimes, we simply go with the classic white dress and altar. Why not add a special touch that represents both you and your loved one? With these great ideas, you can make your wedding truly yours.

Sand Ceremony

What better way to signify your unity than to join two parts of the earth together. This sand ceremony is a lovely alternative to the classic unity candle in which the bride and groom take two different colored sands to show the joining of the bride and groom or their two families. This is perfect for couples who want to add a colorful touch to their wedding with an obvious symbol of their unity. You can take this one step further and engrave the glass container with things like your wedding date, your names, or a meaningful message.

Engraved Rings

Nowadays, with all the SNS like Snapchat and Twitter, even the most heartfelt and thoughtful messages gets buried under the newest tweets. When it comes to expressing your sincerest feelings to someone, a perfect solution is to engrave a few words onto you rings. You can choose to engrave your rings with anything you choose. It can be a quote, pet names, or a phrase that means a lot to both of you. Another option is to engrave your anniversary date. That way you'll be prepared the next time you forget which day you should buy a gift or plan a special something.

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Rich In Tradition

As beautiful as white, flowing wedding dresses are, sometimes it's more meaningful and unique to wear a piece of your tradition and culture on your special day. Looking beyond western culture, one will find a wide arrangement of gorgeous wedding attire. Such clothing ranges from the Bunad in Norway to the Hanboks of Korea. In some cases, traditional wedding clothing is more formal and royalty-like in appearance. If you want to keep the white wedding dress while still representing your culture, there are plenty of table cloths, food, and music that you can use to show a piece of your individuality.

Not Your First choice

As a florist, I have made many beautiful flower bouquets, but the ones I most vividly recall are those that step outside of the box with their floral arrangements. Flowers are present at nearly every wedding because they add a touch of elegance and love to the reception and ceremony. The succulent bouquet above is a wonderful example. It is both unique and beautiful, even if it's not your first choice. A small table decoration can also be personalized by using your birth flower or pinning your birth stone/color to the decoration.

Whichever way you choose to go about arranging your wedding, just remember to maintain your sense of uniqueness and individuality. Whether it be through clothing, decorations, or ceremonies enjoy your wedding and add your special personalized touch.

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