5 Tips for an Awesome Thank You Card...

Today I had the privelage of receiving the perfect Thank You Card from a sweet couple, Ryan and Kacy. Being super in love and incredibly photogenic made their proccess much easier, but anyone can obtain this same affect by following a few simple suggstions...

1. Hand Write the Note

This is by far the most important part of a Thank You Card. I have come across many people who say, "but I have bad handwritting" or "that is so many cards to write". Although your handwritting may look like chicken scratch or your hand may cramp from writing so long, too bad! The only way to truley show your gratitude is to do it the old school way. Don't forget to include the specific gift they gave and how you plan to use it.

2. Mix Black & White with Colored Photos

Notice on the front of Mr. & Mrs. Acuna's Card they have the perfect mix of Black & White and Colored Photos. This gives a nostolgic but modern feel and is a very popular style right now.

3. MIx Fun & Romantic Pictures

No one wants to see ten different pictures of you and your newlywed kissing, but on the other hand you are in love and don't want all fun goofy pictures either. Try to do an even mix of silly and sweet.

4. Send them to the right people!

It's obvious to send out Thank You Cards to the guests that attended your wedding. Did you know you should send out a Thank You Card to those who didn't attend, if they responded. They most likely would have loved to come anyway and probably gave a gift. Also, it makes a vendors day (I know from experience) to receive a note in the mail. We work so hard and then never hear from a lot of the couples again. It really makes us feel special to know you loved what we contributed.

5. Do it sooner rather than later...

The proper time to send off a Thank You Card is no later than one month after your honeymoon. If you are going to do a photo collage like this one, give your photographer a heads up. Ask them to have six or seven photos already edited for you when you return if they can. Then order your cards asap to have them printed and mailed in time.

BONUS TIP: No one completes all the cards in one sitting. Break down the list into a few nights. I always suggest to my clients to do 20 each evening, this usually takes about an hour. If you have 80 cards to write it will take you four days, but breaking it up will make it more enjoyable and less stressful!

Thank you Ryan and Kacy for being such a joy to work with and pleasure to be around. Your card was truley an inspiration!

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