Danielle and Jannay on 

their big day...

Joanne loved her beach wedding bouquet...

Kacy & Ryan at the Queen Mary in Long Beach

Rachel & Matt

Backyard Wedding

Rossmoor, CA

Beatriz & Jesse

Marine Stadium Park

Long Beach

Josy did great work as our halfway wedding planner and day off coordinator for our June 13, 2015 Wedding. During the early planning of my wedding i had decided i was not going to have a wedding planner because i thought i could do it all by myself but I was wrong. I started getting very stressed out and I felt that I had nothing done. Thats when my husband decided he would hire a wedding planner to help me with all the stress. We talked to a couple and he was mainly not convinced. Then we met with Josy and from the initial meeting my husband felt confident she would be the one to help me deal with everything. That same day we talked everything wedding related and I felt I got more stuff done in those 2 or 3 hours we spent with her that day than I had gotten done on my own in 3 months. Josy knows what she's doing and she gets things done. She replied promptly to my messages and returned my call right away when I would call her. For a bride that is very important, you will go crazy if people don't respond right away lol. I don't consider myself a bridezilla but i was definitely a procrasinator lol Josy helped keep me on track with everything i needed to get done. On the day of the wedding not once did i feel like things where not going to get done, she had everything ready to go and I never had to worry about anything related to the planning or the vendors that day. I totally recommend her as a planner and whenever i need a planner in the future I will definitely look for her. She is also a florist and I do regret not hiring her as my florist, although our florist did a good job Josy does some amazing arrangements. BTW her husband Tom helps her and he is the nicest person ever!!! They are both great and know what they are doing. Thanks Josy and Tom for helping us have an amazing Wedding day!!! :) We will forever be grateful to you guys :) Beatriz Turcios Verdugo — 5 stars

Josymara & Marcelo

Atlanta, GA

"Josy is an amazing professional. I could see her care, consideration, and the love in everything she did. All her effort put into every single detail was priceless. I highly recommend her services, because you're putting your dream day in good hands. Hands that you can trust from the beginning until the end. I enjoyed, and I had fun working with Josy and her team.
 My wedding day came up as perfect as it could ever be, even though when something that I wasn't expecting happened, I fainted during the ceremony and Josy was right there taking care of me, helping me through it all. Thank you Josy once again for everything!!"

Josymara Leal

"Yes Indeed! Josy's Events (Josy Johnson) is definitely as good as it gets! I would give 10 starts if it is available. I am a newlywed not too long ago (April 23rd) and Josy was our wedding coordinator. So much things to say, I met Josy back in September when I decided that I would not be able to coordinate a decent wedding on my own, hahaha. I have spoken with 7 event coordinators in southern California before I met her and thank goodness the heaven have allowed her to fall in my arms. She has a great personality, have so many great ideas of her own but respectfully takes to heart what the client wants and is so ready to make an event the way the clients envision the event. She and her team which includes Mr. Tom are spectacular!!! They love what they do, love their work and gives more than 100% of their time and effort to enable a very successful event. In conclusion, we had a marvelous wedding one that was just once in my dream but now became a reality that can be seen through our wonderful wedding pictures. So when it comes to event planning, if you don't hire her, then you will be missing out!"

Cristal Hong

Cristal & Andy

Terranea Resort

Rancho Palos Verde, CA

Tarah & Stanley

Langham Resort, Pasdena CA

"II have to give Josy 5 stars.   I met Josy last month when I was invited to my sisters 4 hour food menu tasting for her wedding.  Josy is such a small little thing but she has a HUGE personality and it is awesome to see her put all that energy into whoever her client is. As I helped my sister get ready for her wedding...she would have Josy on speed dial with any questions or concerns she had and Josy would take care of it right away! My sisters wedding day finally arrived and as I walked to the reception hall @ the hotel..I was amazed!  I saw Josy and her assistant running around making sure everything was set up and perfect for my sister.
In the end...everything was like a fairy tale!  Josy did an amazing job with putting my sisters wedding together and making sure everything went according to plan! 
I would definitely hire Josy for any party planning event....." J. M. 

LaNette & Jereme

Immanuel Presbyterian

Los Angeles, California


"Well, where to start. Josy is an excellent wedding planner. She has a passion for what she does. This is not "just a job" to her. Even planning a wedding from 3 hours away, it made no difference. Josy & her staff were friendly & professional. I really enjoyed working with her & would recommend her services to EVERYONE that is in need of a planner. Try her out. You'll love her services. Go Josy, Go!!"


LaNette & Jereme Berard
Santa Maria, California

Newlyweds Frank & Marcia Carus with Josy Johnson of Josy's Events wedding planner.

Marcia & Frank

Portofino Hotel & Resort

Redondo Beach, California


"It couldn’t be a better decision than having Josy planning our wedding day!

With the combination of experience and a great taste, she was able to fulfill all our expectations!  She covered every single detail from the Ceremony to the Reception, making everything so beautiful, so smooth and so perfect that I can’t stop receiving compliments from all friends that attended our wedding.

Once again, Thank You So Much Josy, for preparing us such a beautiful day!


 Marcia & Frank Carus"
Hermosa Beach, California

Greenfolia & Mountain Coffee

Newport Princess

Newport Beach, California


"Josy's coordinated out first ever annual corporate event. Being a small business she really took us to the next level. She played a key role and was pretty much like a member of our company. She even came to the event professionally dressed to match our company colors .It really made our company image attractive and professional. All our guests were so impressed they called it the event of the year and we are talking some high profile CEO's and Executives of large companies.  Her husband Tom also assisted and is such a pleasure to work with. With such success I hired her personally for my wedding this year and again has thus far exceeded my expectations. not very often do you find someone who is really genuine and cares about service and us as people. We shopped out about 6 other event coordinators who were recommended by friends and I must say I'm so glad we found Josy."   

Stanley Soebianto, Greenfolia

Kathy & James

Catherdral of our Lady of the Angels

Walt Disney Performing Arts Center

Los Angeles, California


"On a tight schedule Josy and her staff pulled it all together for us. Our recepetion at the Disney Performing Arts center was especially well coordinated. 450 guests, our families, us and thanks to Josy and her professional staff we enjoyed it just as much as our guests. We appreciate everything!

Much love,

Kathy & James Magner"
Los Angeles, California